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Northeast Prepster meets Southern Belle.

Welcome to the walking contradiction

8/26/09 08:58 pm

Catch me at


8/9/09 07:59 pm - is anybody out there?

goodness. i haven't posted in over two years. i read my flist for lack of anything better on the crazy internet, and most of the groups i belong to still post (interesting) things often.

graduated college. moved to atlanta. interning at a marketing agency. seeing KoL 10/9.

here i come, world.

6/1/07 07:26 pm

I'm going to Paris in 27 days for 6 weeks.

J'irais au Paris dans 27 jours pour 6 semaines.

12/20/06 11:32 pm - book recommendations

Hey everyone...I'm currently on christmas break...and back again at my boring corporate office job. I'm braindead and need some good books to read. I'm up for anything...classics, chick-lit, nonfiction...whatever.

I currently have the following 3 books on hold at the library:
American Psycho - Brett Easton Ellis
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott (to reread)
A Tale of Two Cities - Dickens (to reread)

can anyone recommended anything else? PLEASE...I'm dying.

8/4/06 10:13 am - uhhh, hellooo?

Just kill me. Kiiillll me now. Yes, I have an extremely cushy job. And no, I should not be complaining. But I am honestly so over all this shit. I don't like my job! Actually, I hate it! I'm a smart girl; I graduated from a great private high school, and I have an academic scholarhsip to a great university. Why, then, do people treat me like I'm a mentally challenged 12 year old? OR (this really irritates me) my "boss" Glenda gives me the MOST convoluted explanations as to what task I'm supposed to do. I can't even make an example for you because I never have any idea what she's trying to tell me. So I go back to my cubicle, think really hard for a minute, then go ask her questions to clarify. 10 questions later, I finally understand that I need to organize some files and make a list of them. Oh, and she forgot to tell me to make a list, so when I bring them to her all orgnized, she goes, "Where's the list?" Then looks at me like I'm challenged because I was supposed to read her mind and make a list. DUH. And I cut my hand organizing said files, so I can't type well. shitdamnmotherfucker. I really want some chocolate right now. But I'm doing this whole "eat better before school starts so you don't look like a fatso" thing. SHOOOOOT. and I want some really cheap chinese food. like mall food-court type of chinese food.
Oh, and she's giving me HER work to do, so that she can go take a smoke break. awesome. real cool. ass.

My mom & I are actually going to go paint pottery tonight . Shit went down last night. Well not really, but she got stuck volunteering until later than she had planned. Then maybe I can talk her into going to see Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby because I'm obbbsessed with Will Ferrell, and nothing could make me happier right now than eating junk food and laughing my ass off with my mom.

I just got paid today, and even though I have direct deposit, I still get a printout of...stuff. I don't know how to explain it, basically everything that's taken out with taxes and how much I have netted so far . Which is a huge ridiculous amount of money. And right now in my bank account, there is most definitely not a huge ridiculous amount of money. I didn't eat out a lot, just some lunches here or there, and the large majority of them my dad paid. I paid for dry cleaning...uhh, never. I always tricked my dad into picking it up and telling him I'll pay him back later. I probably poured about $100 into my mouth as alc, and another ohhh, $100 on cover charge ($6 each night) for me and any lame-ass friends who didn't have cash. I also owed my mom about $300 from a Banana Republic shopping spree. I did a huge shopping trip end of June. And I still owe my mom more. I have this thing where I buy things that I can't afford, but my parents can! But then they find out and I have to pay them back. I never never learn... Oh, and dresses at Off Saks. Okay, so I see where some of it has gone. But it just SUCKS to see $2000+ as net income for the summer, and realize I only have about, a quater of that currently in my account. But I have to think of my super fab dresses. Shit, and I need to order Jack Rogers ASAP. and a pair of black strappy heels. Money is meant to be spent, right? I hope I don't regreat this when it's October and all I have to wear are sundresses and Jack Rogers because I didn't think to budget for fall clothing.

I need to decide what I want from Panera. Because the smart thing to do would be pay for Panera instead of free soup & salad in the company dining room. of course .

Uh, so listen to this Most Depression Item of the Day:
Last night I wake up with a horrible ear-ache. I went on webMD and according to them, EAR INFECTIONS can be a result of a cold, with all the fluid in your head and whatnot. I went to my mom and started bawling my eyes out. I didn't want to go to the doctor, I didn't want to go to the ER, I wanted to go to sleep and go to work so people think I'm normal. I'm not a sick kid, but it sure as hell seems like it this summer
first it was the deramtologist because my skin was freaking the fuck out since I got home. go to gyn because my period was late. can't go on hormonal bc because of hereditary blood clotting factors, then an eye infection, then a cold, and I swear if I'm getting an ear infection too?! I'll freak. I told my mom this is punishment for not going to Mass. God hates me. I haven't been to Mass in well over a month; because frankly sleeping is more appealing (sorry Jesus). My mom asked if I was kidding and I said no. I may be kind of kidding now, but I wasn't then. And I'm half kidding now. This is not fair. Summer sucks, y'all.

Baby Panda: http://www.sandiegozoo.org/news/panda_news.html

3/8/05 03:20 pm

I'm going to make a commitment to commenting more on friend-entries. I SWEAR.

1/13/05 10:03 pm

I want a pair of aviator sunglasses a la MKA.
I didn't know which of the bajillion communities I belong in to post this.
Ive tried Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, AE, AF & Hollister.
help sil vous plait!!!


8/23/04 11:27 am

just comment!
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